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Bob McKenzie

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About Bob McKenzie

Bob was born in Calgary, AB Canada, at the age of 8 his family moved to the United States.  Bob always considers himself a to be genuine mutt, as he never attended a school for longer than 2 years after leaving Canada. This afforded him the experience of meeting new people and exploring new places often. He played competitive golf in high school and lettered all 4 years. When golf season was over, he raced both Slalom and Giant Slalom while also being a member of the National Ski Patrol where he would volunteer several days a week on the local mountains in Wyoming.  On weekdays, it was a good excuse to play hooky from school.

Bob went to Washington, DC for college and obtained a BBA from George Washington University in International Finance. Upon graduating in 1987, the world of finance was experiencing a downturn, so his first job ended up being at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. At the time, it was the longest running 5 star / 5 diamond hotel in the country.  When he started working there the hotel had 2 out of the 3 master wine sommeliers in the nation. He was able to taste unique vintage wines with one on one descriptions of what he should be tasting from these master sommeliers in the kitchen of the hotel when fine wines were rejected by customers as “undrinkable”. A truly unexpected but welcomed development in his wine education. At this first job, Bob also experienced hosting numerous celebrities and dignitaries from around the world. It was fun and interesting to meet so many famous individuals and to learn more amount them individually as well as learn a lot about high end customer service.

In 1991 he took a job transfer to open the Westin Rancho Mirage. This was another unique experience to be one of several managers handpicked to open this hotel.  Interestingly, Bob always said that he would never live in California as nothing but Fruits, Nuts and Flakes lived there. Well he’s still here today having met his wife, Charlotte, of over 25 plus years in Palm Desert. Many other positive things have occurred in California for Bob and Charlotte since then.

1997 Bob was recruited by a Canadian Juice manufacturer to establish stronger US sales. This had the family moving to the Bay Area for a truly short time as there was too much rain up there. In 1999 they moved to San Diego and continued in the Beverage Industry until 2004.  At that time Bob was told by a friend that I should work for AAA which was exactly what he did from 2005 to 2017. This gave him newfound freedom from not having to travel or encounter long commutes, it enabled more home time and opportunities to spend with his family which now included his two young boys Jared and Jack. In 2005 we also purchased a home in Riverside, which was the home that Charlotte had been raised in since 1968.  He has been loving Riverside ever since.

Since moving to Riverside Bob has been actively involved in multiple organizations, from the Riverside Bike Club, the Riverside Road Runners Club and being an active member of the Riverside Sunrise Rotary Club, (He is currently responsible for the San Javier Clinic, a pro bono medical clinic serving a rural agricultural community in the Southern Baja.) We also really enjoyed hosted 3 boys from the City of Erlanger and hosted several guests from the city of Sendai on a much shorter duration.  I also enjoy participating and supporting local runs, arts programs from the Culver to RAM to RCAA.  As other venues appear, I look forward to engaging in these too.

In 2017 Bob got his real estate license and he retired from AAA and joined the Ransom-McKenzie real estate team with Charlotte and his mother in law. Bob has helped the team become the most successful small Team out of 7 Coldwell Banker Realty offices in the Inland Empire. They specialize in marketing unique custom homes and working with a very interesting clientele which makes every day refreshing and challenging.