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Heidi Weiss-Krumm

Board Member

About Heidi Weiss-Krumm

I choose to embrace new opportunities with an open mind towards change. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest on an agricultural farm, I learned three important lessons: how to work hard, there are always multiple ways to undertake any task, and to be flexible in the face of change. These three lessons have served me well in my personal and professional life.

Growing up with an immigrant parent, I was determined to learn my mother’s childhood language of Spanish. This led me to pursue the study of language and culture in Spain and later complete my undergraduate degrees in Argentina. These years taught me adaptability, grit, and expanded my worldview. It was also during those years that my love of academia began. It began with tutoring and mentorship and grew to encompass curriculum development and teaching. After returning to the states, I began teaching high school Spanish and began to slowly take on leadership roles. This led me to pursuing my MA in Administration and Supervision and continued to broaden my knowledge in the field of education.

While I never imagined working in higher education, an unexpected move to Riverside, California 11 years ago, opened up an opportunity for me to use some of my skills and knowledge in a new field. I was hired as the Director of International Student Services for La Sierra University. This position has helped me develop my leadership and management skills, pushed me to continue my professional and academic growth, and allowed me to mentor and serve an amazing international community. Currently, I am completing a PhD in Leadership. My interests include: cross-cultural communication, food and housing insecurity, social justice, and mentorship.

I have been married for 26 years to an Argentine who enjoys a good asado and fútbol. I am also blessed to be a mother to a recent college graduate who also spent a year in Spain and Argentina.

I am excited to join the International Relations Council for Riverside, California as a board member. I promise to fully participate and partner with this organization’s commitment to the promotion of cultural, educational, and global development for Riverside and its sister cities scattered throughout the world.