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Vien Doan

Board Member

About Vien Doan

Dr. Doan came to the United States at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 as a young teenager with his family of 7.At the fall of Saigon, the family was rescued by the US Navy’s7thFleet in the Pacific and taken to Camp Pendleton, California as refugees. After spending 3 months in the refugee camp, his family was sponsored by an American family in Des Moines, Iowa to live with them for 6 months and to help the family prepare for their new lives. It was during this time, through the love of an American family he found what it meant to love unconditionally and how a life could be changed forever through an act of kindness. Through that experience he set his sighton one day returning to Vietnam to share that love with the people he left behind.A dream was born.

Dr. Doan completed his B.S. degree from Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa in 1981 and went on to earn his Doctor of Osteopathy degree from Des Moines University in 1985.He completed his family medicine residency from San Bernardino County Medical Center in 1988 and established his Family Medicine practice in Riverside.In 1994 Dr. Doan joined Community Medical Group of Riverside as Medical Director for the Family Care Department. During this time he also served as member of the Board of Director for Riverside Physicians Network. In 2006 he returned to solo practice where he is serving to this day.

In the early 1990s, there was a huge influx of new Vietnamese refugees coming to the U.S., particularly Orange County, CA through the repatriation program. Those new immigrants faced many new daunting challenges, one of which was the lack of healthcare. In response to that need, Dr. Doan started a free community clinic to serve the new immigrants in Garden Grove. By 1994 the free clinic became self-sufficient with many full time staff allowing Dr. Doan to leave and start a new ministry for Vietnamese youths. He served as President of the Vietnamese United Methodist Youth and Young Adult Fellowship and in that role he returned to Vietnam in 1999 where he confirmed for himself the needs of his fellow countrymen. In 2000 the Good Samaritan Medical Dental Ministry (GSMDM) was born completing a dream of 21 years.

Today GSMDM is the largest medical mission to Vietnam with 3 major components. Each year the Summer Mission involves a hundred volunteers bringing much needed healthcare to thousands of poor people in remote villages in Vietnam.The Ministry is also actively leading the country in establishing a brand new Emergency Medicine specialty to bring high quality emergency care for all the people of Vietnam.This Emergency Medicine Mission involves 60-80 physicians and nurses each year. For 14 years, prominent physician leaders such as Deans of US medical schools,presidents of various US and international medical societies, distinguished professors from around the world have all come and took part in this Ministry.GSMDM also trains local physicians in Cao Bang province in primary care medicine since 2013. Each class of 26 physicians are trained for 2 years. In 2017, twelve MDs were selected out of 52 to come to the US for further, in-depth training.The goal is for these physicians to set a new standard of care for this most remote province of North Vietnam.

In 2014 Dr. Doan was appointed by Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge and then reappointed by Mayor Rusty Bailey to be chairman of the Riverside-Can Tho (Vietnam) Sister City Committee. Dr. Doan leads several VIP delegations from Riverside which includes the mayor, councilman, top university leaders to Vietnam to develop and foster educational, business relationships with Vietnam. As a result of that, several important agreements had been signed between the City, Universities and institutions in Vietnam. Dr. Doan sees this as a peacemaking effort to bring the people of the 2 countries together.Dr. Doan is married to Grace for 36 years and has 3 children Luke, Ashley and Courtney.