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Karla Adams 2

Karla Adams

Marketing & Communications Officer

About Karla adams

Karla became entangled with the world of health at age 16 and has run the Karla Adams Club for over 21 years. With over 130 members at any given time. The club has been dedicated to educating, motivating, and changing individuals to increase the quality of life through health and fitness. She has competed in half marathon for over 10 years and now professionally competes in fitness completion. Karla first got involved in IRC in 2004 when she was asked to compete in the Sendai Half Marathon and has traveled to Sendai 7 times since then. She also traveled to Sendai in 2011 in response to the Tsunami with an official delegation to deliver over $600,000. This money was raised by Riverside residents, anywhere from a corporation donating $10K to a kid giving up 50 cents of their lunch money to help Sendai help with relief.   Her family ties in Riverside extend back into 1800, Louis Robidoux. She has over 20 years of experience in Marketing and Communication with her company and various non-profits.