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The members of the Blue Star Regiment are traveling to China in 2018 for the third time since 2002. This exciting, once in a lifetime trip, will have the students traveling and learning about culture, history, and performing in the most populous country in the world.

3/27 Good afternoon friends, family and fans of the Blue Star Regiment!  You are getting this email because someone, somewhere thought you’d like to have some updates on the progress of the world-traveling, performing arts marvel that is the BSR.  You will receive updates over the next 10 days as the BSR moves their way through Jiangmen, Beijing and Hong Kong.  We will be updating as often as we can.  Wish us all well, and the next time you hear from us, we will be on the other side of the Globe!!

3/30 Good morning everyone. Or goodnight, as it stands from China. We have all just finished our second full day with our sister school, and what a day it was.

The students spent the morning with their home-stay students, attending classes and living the life of a Jiangmen #1 School student. Thought they didn’t live their entire day (which would have included class from 9-5, with time for lunch and a nap, and study time until 10), they did get to attend some classes.

The teachers and parents also got to spend the day on campus. We all attended an English class while Mr. Kinnear and Mr. Nakamura fielded questions from students. The Chinese students are most interested in the various differences between themselves and their American counterparts. Though there are many, one thing that all have in common is their insatiable curiosity about how the other lives. In our class, they were interested in our student’s use of cell phones in class, how much studying is done, and whether or we allow them to “fall in love”.  That was definitely a new one. 🙂

After lunch, the BSR kids prepared for their afternoon performance. This included some stand-still music numbers, a few dance numbers and a sampling of their fall show for a finale. All of this was greeted with screams and cheers from the enormous crowd that came out to watch. The entire quad area was encapsulated by at least 500-600 students. Following this performance, the kids spent the next hour signing autographs and taking pictures with their adoring fans.

All in all, it was an exciting day for our kids and theirs. Tomorrow, the host families will be entertaining our kids during the day. They will be dropped off at a local theater in the late afternoon to get ready for a repeat performance of today’s program.

Until next time….

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